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Classmate John Davis inducted into Circleville High School Hall of Fame!!

On April 2, 2016, John was inducted into the Achievement Hall of Fame. (see below). It is with great pleasure that we remember our classmate John with this Hall of Fame honor. To see the Circleville Herald's article about the 2016 Hall of Fame inductees, click here.

Classmates Family Pictures--Christmas, 2014

Bob and Renee Hedges Family Photo


Jonas and Alice Hoover Family Photo


Linden and Suzanne (Copeland) Gibson Family Photo


Ted and Carolyn (Clifton) Goodman Family Photo


Ron and Diane (Johnson) Line Family Photo



Annual Class Christmas Party--December 21, 2013

Classmates gathered at Terry and Karon Dean's home for this annual event, dedicated to having fun, trading tall tales with classmates, and raising money and food for local charities. As a result of the party this year, $300 plus canned goods were donated to the Pickaway County Food Pantry, and approximately $1,000 was given to the Pickaway County Special Olympics. Thanks to everyone who attended and donated. Attending the party were Linda Gibbs McConnell, Monna Wells Conrad, Carolyn VanHoose Smith, Barbara Manson Hill, Liz Tomlinson Arledge, Diane Ellerman Reeser, Melanie Cook Lanman, Jonas and Alice Hoover, Terry and Karon Dean, Gary and Beverly Agin, Beverly Metcalf Valentine, Don Huhman, and Don and Marge Wolford.


Pumpkin Show Luncheon--October 17, 2013

Classmates came from all over the country to meet at Gibby's and share war stories of the past and present. The luncheon was well timed to be during the annual Pumpkin Show so classmates could enjoy pumpkin treats such as ice cream and funnel cakes, as well as see the great parades. Attending (in no particular order) were: Don Wolford, wife Marge, and daughter Diane; Terry Dean; Buck Watson and wife Margaret; Sue Hammel McCrady; Gary Dean; Beverly Metcalf Valentine; Liz Tomlinson Arledge; Jonas Hoover and wife Alice; Steve Smith and wife Judy; Judy Routzahn King; Judy Wood Hatfield; Jim Patrick; Diane Johnson Line and husband Ron; Joe Rooney; Linden Gibson; Archie Ward and wife Linda; Gary Agin; Dave Huffer and wife Jeannie; Doyne Wiggins; Barbara Manson Hill; Melanie Cook Lanman; Judy Hettinger Murray; Karen Rase Clark and husband Bob. Also attending were Duane Dean (class of 1959) and Phil Wing (class of 1961)


2nd Annual Class of '60 Florida Luncheon--March 22, 2012

The Florida contigent of our class met for a luncheon at Homer's in Sebring, Florida, on March 22, 2012. Classmates in the top-left photo are: (top row) Bob Hedges, Dave Smith, Jonas Hoover, Buck Watson. (bottom row) Diane Johnson Line, Joyce Thompson Knecht, Mary Pennington Williams. Spouses joining in were Ron Line, Alice Hoover, Margaret Watson, and Ken Williams. "Easy Rider" Dave Smith rode his "hog" more than 100 miles to get to the event.


Class Sponsors Charity Auction--December, 2009

Article in The Circleville Herald, December 16, 2009--"The Circleville High School Class of 1960 held a Christmas party and benefit auction to raise money for the Emergency Clearinghouse Food Pantry in the rear of the PICCA complexon East Ohio Street. Twenty classmembers and their spouses met at the home of Terry and Karen Dean for dinner, a gift exchange, and the auction in which each class member donated an item. Each couple was asked to bring food items to donate as well. Atthe end of the evening, 10 full boxes of food were collected and the class raised $1,000. The Class of 1960 will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2010.Pictured above are DonWolford, left and Terry Dean unloading food at the Clearinghouse. On the right presenting checks to Clearinghouse director Mary Easter, are class members Terry Dean and Judy Hatfield, Easter, and class member Don Wolford."


2009 Christmas Celebration and Charity Auction

Our class 2009 Christmas party was held again at Terry and Karon Dean's home. We are very excited this year because we had an auction and raised $1,000 for the Emergency Clearing House in Circleville and everyone brought items to donate. See the story above as reported in the Circleville Herald December 16 (more pictures...)


Monthly Class Luncheon July, 2009

A monthly class luncheon was held at Gibby's restaurant on July 16, 2009. Twenty one people attended, including some that hadn't attended before. Discussion was started on what to do for our 50th reunion coming up in 2010. This web site will be updated as planning progresses. (more pictures...)


2008 Christmas Celebration

A Christmas celebration luncheon was graciously hosted by Terry Dean at his home on December 17th, 2008. Many classmates attended and a good time was had by all. (more pictures...)


2008 Christmas Celebration

Class luncheons are being held monthly at Gibby's Restaurant. Thanks to Don Wolford for organizing these events this year. It is a great chance to catch up on the latest news about classmates. The above pictures are from the Sept 18 lunch. In the first picture from L to R: Jim McConnell, Linda Gibbs McConnell, Judy Wood Hatfield, Carolyn VanHoose Smith, Monna Wells Conrad. In the right picture: Terry Agin, Linden Gibson, Sue Copeland Gibson, Diane Ellerman Reeser, Sue Hammel McCrady, Archie Ward, Phil Wing (61), Jonas Hoover. Funny how every year the stories get better. Like Archie's 3 yard touchdown run in the Hillsboro game that he now remembers as 75 yards.( more...)

2008 Smith Family Celebration

Dave Smith reported that he traveled to Circleville (from his home in Tampa Bay) for his mother's 90th birthday celebration in September. He says she is still doing well and he has 2 sisters within minutes of her which is a real blessing. Dave and wife Ellie recently celebrated their 40th anniversary and his family got together for the big day (see pictures). Dave's son in law is a judge and they thought it was only proper that they renew their wedding vows. Congratulations, Dave and Ellie! Dave has 4 grandchildren and 2 more are on the way.

2007 Vandemarks Celebrate 40th Anniversary

Gary Vandemark and wife Bev celebrated their 40th anniversary with a May cruise from Florida south through the Panama canal, Costa Rica, and up the west coast of Mexico. Above is a picture taken on the beach in Mazatlan. In August Gary went through a serious but successful brain tumor operation. The tumor was benign and the doctors were able to remove it without damage to other parts of the brain, so 100% recovery is in progress. Above is a picture of Gary and visiting sister Barbara (from Columbus) in mid-October at Gary's home in Rancho Mirage, CA. Gary & Bev have 2 sons living in the San Francisco area, both single.

Bob Hedges checked in with us last year (2006) from Deerfield Beach, FL. Bob and his wife, Renee, have been married for 35 years and have one son, Steve, who graduated from University of Florida. Bob has been active in "ultralight" airplanes the past several years and has even written a book on the subject. In addition, he has published about 15 videos, including one of him flying an "ultralight". You can view them at Just connect your computer to that website and use the search word "bob hedges" to find his video collection. Bob also said he and Renee were planning to join the Peace Corps and expect to serve within a year.

kindergarten class 1947 Marilyn Clifton Davis sent this picture taken in 1947 of a kindergarten class with many of our classmates showing their smiling faces. Top Row: Philip Adkins, Richard Colville, Joe Rooney, Judy Woods, Cynthia Pace, Joyce Lane, Stephen Yost, Stephen Helwagen, Dennis Pickins, Johnny Davis. Middle Row: Mary Beth Morgan, Diane Johnson, Patricia Schroeder, Ann Gaething, Roberta Thomas, Carolyn Clifton, Marilyn Clifton. Botton Row: Danny Robinson, Lucinda Rooney, Barbara Barnhart, Sara Jane Wantz, Jeffery Gordon. Click on the picture to see an enlargement.

future RockettesJudy Routzahn King sent this picture taken in 1951 of the Dance Review for 5 future Rockettes. These cuties, from left to right, are Judy, Pat Schroeder, Barbara Weaver, Judy Wood, and Jane White. Judy now lives and teaches school in Worthington. She teaches Reading and Special Ed to grades 4-8. She and her husband David have 2 sons, on of whom is married. David retired 5 years ago and spends his time traveling around Ohio trap shooting. Judy enjoys swimming and gardening when she isn't teaching. Click on the picture to see an enlargement.

Sue Hammel McGrady sent this picture taken in 1947 of her kindergarten class with several of our high school graduates in it.

Back row: Kenneth Graff, Terry Reichelderfer, Dick Scranton, David Young, Charles Mowery, Steve Smith, Mike Miller, Pat Moore, Paul Barnes, Jim Patrick.

Front row: Sue Hammel, Linda Justice, Paula Francis, Judy Routzahn, Judy Callihan.